• Youth Enlightenment through Education
    What is the state of availability and access to education for young LGBTI individuals and how does this state affect their socio/economic well-being?
  • Out of the Closet
    How does our outward presentation, coming out, self-identification and non-identification and causes we fight for affect the relationship we have with the rest of society?
  • Intersectionality of Struggles
    How is the LGBTI struggle affected by the struggles of other demographics? Are these struggles linked in any way? How can working together improve the end goals of the struggles?
  • LGBTI Health
    What innovative methods and activist approaches of improving the community’s health (sexual, reproductive, mental) exist? What are the challenges and what are the opportunities?
  • Technology in Our Community
    How has technology brought the community together? How has it improved the lives of our community? How has it risked the lives of individuals? How can we best harness the power of technology to better our society?
  • ARTivism: Art as a Tool for Change
    How can we use art as a tool for change? What is the best way to use different forms of art to influence positive change in the society?

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